Kurd Muisc - Studio Aso
Aso Jalal Ali was born in Halabja on the 12 November, 1975, and his wife Shino who a member of the famous  and prestigious  family in the society of Sulaymaniyah city. Aso moved to Iran for a short time in 1981, due to the difficult political and next went to Syria in 1982 and he was in Hungary at 1984.
After that he went to Denmark for 1988. Aso have two sons, Aland and Silona where they live with their parents.
Aso was passionate in music from the early age, where he attended institutes and many musical courses and seminars.
He has worked in the field of music since 1991.
Aso who specializes in organizing concerts  and events during the the year and the year new Year's Eve in most European countries.
Some of the concerts organized by Aso: Paywend Jaff, Saman Omar, Ayub Ali, Koresh Azizi, Delsoz Xalidi, Saywan Gagli, Xalil Mawlanei, Ismail Mohammadi, Mehrdad Shirooeei, Aziz Waese, Houshang Moradi, Burhan Mirzaei, Omer Gagli, Mariwan Safadin, Delshad Zaxoey.
Aso now works in the Scandinavian Airlines, and his favorite music is "Hawrami"